Construction of the Deer Point
KBSX/KBSU-FM Transmitter Site

by the Boise State Radio Engineering Department.
Summer 2001

The approach road - 7050 feet above sea level.

Getting closer - pant, pant.

The old KBSX/KBSU-FM tower. You can see why we wanted to move!

The new master-antenna tower for TV and FM.

Close-up of the FM panel antenna - serves 6 full-power stations.

The KBSX and KBSU-FM main transmitters. The auxiliary transmitters are still at the old site.

Another view of the xmtrs.

Steve on the job.

No photos please!

It's getting complicated up there!

BE FM-10A transmitter.

This is how you put all those signals together into one antenna.
The combiner room is bigger than the transmitter room!

Orderly bench for Boise State Radio crew.

Another view.

Our partners, Citadel Broadcasting, need to tidy up a bit!

We've got everything AND the kitchen sink!