The New KBSJ Transmitter Site
Jackpot, Nevada

The Boise State Radio Engineering Department.
Fall 2001

Boise State Radio's Director of Engineering Steve Johnston points out the
three 7.5 kW wind turbines for the new radio station KBSJ. The site is about
8630 feet above sea level.

The new KBSJ radio transmitting facility near Jackpot, Nevada. This new signal on
91.3 FM will broadcast Boise State Radio's "NPR News 91" service over a wide area
in southern Idaho and Northern Nevada.

Here's Eastern Region Chief Engineer Tom Lowther inside the transmitter
building. That's a lot of batteries!

The propane fuel tanks and generator (for when the wind hasn't blown for a while).

Close-up of the FM transmitting antenna.

A view of the city of Contact, Nevada - the closest human(?) settlement.