Useful Charts and Guides

Ethernet RJ-45 pinout

Blank ham radio log page

The Family of 6146-type tubes

25-pair Telephone cable color code

Three Terminal Regulators

AC Voltage Measurements and Conversions

Audio Attenuator Pads

Audio Dividing/Combining Pads

Audio Splitter-Combiner

Capacitor Markings Chart 1

Capacitor Markings Chart 2

Coaxial Transmission Lines

Decibel Calculation Chart

FM Channel Allocations in the US

Useful Formulas

LM386 IC spec sheet

RS232 9- and 25-pin connector pinouts

RS232 null modems

Parallel Printer Pinout

Gentner VRC-2000 command list

VSWR versus Power Ratio from Bird 43 manual

Maxon CA-1112R PL CTCSS encoder

Maxon CA-1112C PL CTCSS encoder

iPhone phone plug pinouts

GE lamp catalog

Miniature lamp list from Newark catalog

Miniature lamp specification list

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