NERTs Swarm the Dayton Hamvention every year...

2019 - Beautiful weather in Xenia for 2019.

2018 - Rainy Weather but smiles anyway.

2017 - Perfect spot for NERT base camp.

2017 - New city, but still sitting on the tailgate.

2017 - Perfect spot for NERT base camp.

2011 - Beautiful Conditions.

The "Rapture" was expected on May 2011...

2007 - Another great fest.

2006 - Beautiful Conditions.

1998 Expedition to Lake Dayton.

After a good day at the fest.

The analysis begins.

Dinner for NERTs at Dayton.

Steve never goes anywhere without his 2-A, Dave's never without his blankies.

Yes, it rained - all day.

Jim surveys the arena.

UTW and the infamous cart.

Neither rain, nor snow...

An offering to the god of sore feet.

A happy Joe inspects his purchases.

Rich enjoys a Basic Economic Unit.

E-bo and a Major Bo look at PRC-10.

S-bo wonders if these rigs use pencil-tubes.

J-bo and E-bo redecorate hotel room while S-bo cleans bathroom.

NERTs erect towers at Dayton.

R-bo checks new purchase for visible rust.

E-bo and Nee-bo deal with papparazi.

Wild-west outlaws or NERTs?

Some-bo saves money on hotel room.

Nee-bo tests newly-purchased GRR-5.

Shane... why do you carry two guns?.

NERTs don't always wait for Dayton... they meet at the Giesenhaus, too.

NERTs go on vacation to Hilton Head...

NERT vacation station at the beach.

A couple bo's waiting for their ship to come in.
(photo credit Noah Johnston)