WD8DAS Telegraph Keys

Interesting "piano key" paddles from Kitano Key Company:

Very similar in concept to an iPod-Touch Morse keyboard app:

Begali Simplex paddles:

WD8DAS homebrew combo mini-paddles and straight key:

Key I built using hardware-store items when I found myself keyless in a hotel room:

Chinese Army Key:

Begali "Spark" key:

Tiny Western Electric Field Test Set key:

CT Asia Key made in Ukraine:

CT-1 miniature key:

Russian military leg key:

British leg key:

US military KY-116/U (J-45) leg key:

Japanese import J-38 clone:

Bulgarian MM-3 military desk key:

Vibroplex Original-Standard (1962):

Japanese WWII Navy key:

Chinese UniHam Paddles:

My first key:

Landline telegraph sounder:

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