Steve Johnston's Papers, Presentations, and Articles

Broadcast Engineering

Quality Alligator Clip Leads

Tracking Radio Noise

RadioWorld: Noise Inquiry Spurs Recommendations

RadioWorld: Emergency Alert Text Messages via Radio

NAB Paper: Emergency Alert Text Messages via Radio

IEEE Paper: The Growing Problem of Ambient Radio Noise

Radio World: When VU Meters Are Not to be Trusted

NAB Paper: Wisconsin Public Radio Program Associated Data Project

The Right to Repair

Modification of Dixon Newsmixer

NAB Paper: Indoor Noise Conditions in the FM Broadcast Band - Paper

Indoor Noise Conditions in the FM Broadcast Band - PowerPoint

PCB Management in Broadcast Facilities

Utility Line Driver Design

BMX-II Pan-pot Modification

RCA BTF-40E1 Fire Danger

Review of the AudioTX STL-IP

Ham Radio

How to Solder (video)

630 Meters Practical for Hams? (video)

630 Meters Practical for Hams? (article)

Chinese Model 222-1 Receiver

The MorseMeter

The Two-Tube Tuna-Tin Transmitter

The "Secret Dream" Transmitter

Shortwave for a Song: the GRR-5 Receiver

Dual-Purpose Battery Pack for Icom HTs

The Radio Shack DSP-40 Digital Signal Processor

The New Emergency Alert System

The Spitfire Receiver

Modifications to the Sony 2010 Receiver

Independent Sync Outputs for Sony 2010

Record and Retransmit audio on the Kenwood TS-990S

Modification of the AEA DX-Handy Radios

Modification of the Heath HW-16

Modification of the Heath HR-1680

AM Squelch Mod for Yaesu FT-690R

No-Ballast-Tube Mods for the R-390A

Dip-Switch Mod for Icom IC-22S

Improve the D-104 Microphone

Add 30-meter Transmit to the Kenwood TS-180S

Moving Day for the Gates BC-1T

Add a momentary SPOT switch to Heathkit HX-1681

A Special Day - restoring a Galaxy 300

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